Woman who enjoys, half in your life

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I recently came across a Facebook cover of a friend where the following mantra was written: “What women want? Orgasms and loyalty. ”

Loyalty is quite complex to define. A question of respect, of sincerity with your darling, a question of communication. The “orgasms” part is even easier to understand.

Women love sex just like us. Depending on the women, some will tell you that sex represents 50% of the success of a couple, others will tell you that it can go up to 90%.

I meet too many seduced apprentices in distress who explain to me to go out with girls in the evening, to manage to have meetings with her, to sleep with them … but they never call back after.

Objectively, the guy is good, presents well, speaks well, has a good situation. But do not know how to fuck. Do not worry about the pleasure of his partner. Do not consider sex as a priority.

I have girlfriends who confessed to me falling in love with guys in writing, Adopt, Tinder etc … but who really disillusioned when it went wrong sexually.

Would you like to go out with a girl who is nil in bed? No, probably not. In the same way, do you imagine a girl going out with you, getting involved with you in the long run when it works badly in bed? No more.

If it is this last part which poses problem, we will soon be talking sexo on Artdeseduire!

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