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To go with a girl is a contract between her and you. A contract unfortunately not always very well understood between the man and the woman, who arrive each with their expectations.

The film that best illustrates this misunderstanding about male-female relationships? Don Jon recently. Or Blue Valentine too. We see couples embarking on relationships that are not what they dreamed of. On the surface, it goes, but when you dig, you realize that the conception of life that you have and that of the girl are not at all the same …

Do you really think she’s dreaming of a life watching you play FIFA16 with your friends?
Do you want to hear him tell you about the latest developments of SS9 or the Angels of TéléRéalité 100000?
Will she adhere to your spiritual and silent retreats in monasteries every six months?
Very often, it is fair in a young couple because the vision of life is not the same, because the ambitions are not the same. There are very simple compatibility tests to do from the beginning to find out if this girl is right for you.

What is a successful evening for you?
What is money well invested for you?
What is your favorite type of holiday?

Between a biography and a detective novel (or a novel), you prefer to read what?
What is his definition of success in life?
What’s the point of a couple for you? (Now that you have your answer, you can jerk and make her talk!)

Will she be satisfied with the person you are or will she want to change you?

Does she know who she is, does she know what she wants to become? Is she independent (intellectually, financially?)

All of these questions are important, these are the basics of setting up a tacit contract when you are about to go out with a girl. After, like all contracts, it is evolutionary, a couple is renegotiated daily, according to the desires and needs of each.

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