Go out with a woman: what for?

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That’s a real question, you’re going to say, “Fuck, but he thinks we’re idiots or what? ” Not at all. You have all my respect, all my consideration, but when I go back in time and I think with emotion of my first experiences, I say to myself “But I was stupid or what? ”

In college, social pressure. Slip pressure also a little, but it was mostly OTHERS. They “went out” with girls. I wondered what we could find them: they did not play football, they did not fight, video games and manga, it worked better with my friends anyway.

Did you also perhaps feel the social pressure that made you go out with a girl? But in truth, apart from kisses and going to the movies with her, I did not know what to do. The sex education classes arriving late, only in 4th grade at the time, going out with a girl, it was moderately exciting.

After came puberty, sexual urges, the real desire to sleep with girls, and only much later the desire to make my life with a girl. Not just sleeping with her and attempting crazy sexual experiences, but really going out with a woman, discovering the world with her, caring about her, her career, her well-being, wanting to make her happy, having want to be there for her and grow old by her side, etc. (I know, I’m romantic).

If I detail all this, it’s because recently, during a coaching session in seduction, I had a client a bit amorphous lack of total vitality. The seductive apprentice tells me “I have to learn to seduce because I do not know how to go out with a girl. ”

I ask him why he wants to go out with a girl: unable to answer me. He could have told me

Because I need to be loved
Because I need to comply with social norms
Because I want to fuck
Because I need to love something other than my console
Because I’m homosexual and I’m looking for a blanket
Because I need to have children as part of the marriage, etc.
He would have said anything to me, I would have been OK with that, but now he did not seem to know for himself why he wanted to go out with a girl.

As I told you, we always come back to the basics: “Know thyself.” If you do not know why you want to go out with a girl, abstain. Because otherwise, you will quickly propose a situation that will not please him

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