go out with a girl without addressing her

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Answer: It’s almost impossible. How to seduce a woman without addressing it: you have to be a star, be very beautiful, have a reputation that precedes you, otherwise, there is almost no chance for a girl to take the first step to tell you how much she wants to know you.

At some point, to start the relationship with this girl, it will have to be addressed, yes gentlemen! It’s your job and it’s often what scares you the most. Yet nothing is easier than to approach a woman.

You see her, she sees you, you take the first step, then the second, and if she still looks at you, you’ll say “Good evening!” (Or hello if it’s the day). There are a lot of very specific rules about how to approach a woman but I will focus on the most important point in my opinion: the art of observation.

Because yes, if you approach it, a conversation starts. Finding the courage to speak to a woman is basically easy enough. Where it gets harder is when you have to keep the intensity of the conversation for more than three minutes, once you’ve gone through the usual mundane issues:

With who are you ?
Where do you come from ?
What’s your name ?
What do you do in life ? (Business, studies …)
Once you’ve gone through these boat questions, use your sense of observation to bounce back and forth!

Does she have an accent when she speaks?
What valve or compliment can you make on his hands, his hair, his dress, his earrings?
Is his phone decorated with a ridiculous hull, is it clumsy, ah yes tell me all that?
Watch everything that’s happening around you: your environment teems with conversation starters, ice-breakers, in French, a pretext to allow you to continue a fun and light conversation.

Also, do not forget to deal with the context: let me tell you about hot environments and cold environments.

Approach a girl in a warm environment
A warm environment is an environment where people are supposed to talk to each other because they have something in common. A job seminar, the birthday of a friend, the party of neighbors: so many opportunities to talk about everything and nothing, but especially to approach the girl you like without asking you the question of whether you go pass for a flirty.

Yes, you may go for a flirty, but in this context, you are invited to present, thanks to this famous common point. It’s called being sociable and putting people at ease.

“Hi, are you working in which business unit? ”
“Hi, how do you know the birthday boy? ”
“So you are the neighbor of the 5th floor, right? “

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