Blind Date- how to make it all more thrilling and exciting

Blind Date- how to make it all more thrilling and exciting?

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If dating is the tastiest cake, a Blind date is definitely the red cherry on it. This is all about meeting a stranger and thus, it is filled with thrills and excitements as you reveal a stranger. How to make such events all the more exciting, without staking your security? Let’s explore the answers to this question.

Don’t carry any notions and expectations

If you really want to make a blind date exciting and enjoyable, you should not carry any notions and expectations to the date. It is obvious, before going to the date, you will wonder, how the person would look like, what will be his/her likings and dislikes, whether if  the person is going to be suitable with your tastes and choices. All these thoughts create some expectations and if  things are not going in the way you have assumed, you will certainly not enjoy the thrills in blind dating. Hence, you must approach such events with an open mind and be ready to accept whatever is coming up.

Blind Date- don’t go for one if you are excessively concerned about your safety

On a blind date, you are going to meet a stranger and it is likely that you might end up meeting someone, who can be a threat to your safety and security. If you are overly concerned on these aspects, it will be better, not to schedule a date with a stranger.  Remember, the purpose of going on a blind date is majorly to enjoy the thrill and excitement that prevails in meeting strangers. Hence, if you cannot leave the feeling of insecurity at home, please don’t date to schedule one.

Take it easy and do the things that you are best at

Don’t take things very seriously and approach the process being cool and considerate. The blunder that most of the people makes, while going to the blind date is the they assume something about the likes and dislikes of the prospective person, and act in a manner, based on these assumptions. In the majority of the instances, they end up doing something that presents them in the most awkward manner and distorts their personality. Rather, you should do those things that you are good at. For instance, you should pick the dress and put the make up in a manner in which you look at your best. This will definitely be  a wiser act to commit.

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