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Approach a girl in a warm environment
A warm environment is an environment where people are supposed to talk to each other because they have something in common. A job seminar, the birthday of a friend, the party of neighbors: so many opportunities to talk about everything and nothing, but especially to approach the girl you like without asking you the question of whether you go pass for a flirty.

Yes, you may go for a flirty, but in this context, you are invited to present, thanks to this famous common point. It’s called being sociable and putting people at ease.

“Hi, are you working in which business unit? ”
“Hi, how do you know the birthday boy? ”
“So you are the neighbor of the 5th floor, right? ”

Approach a girl in a cold environment
The cold environment, by contrast, is an environment where you do not have a priori anything in common with the girl you want to approach. And this is where your sense of observation and your disposition will play in your favor.

It will be up to you to create them, these common points, and quickly enough if possible. For example, a cold environment is a bar, a box, the subway, the street, the hospital, the supermarket.

No need to dig your head for hours to approach a girl:

“Hi, what are you drinking? My glass is empty and I’m fed up with mojitos. ”
“Hi, do you know where the girls’ toilets are? It’s always cleaner than those guys … ”
“You can stop there, in the end he dies. But it’s better for him … “if she reads a novel on the subway.

” Hello ! You know what this street has exceptional? This is the street where we met … “(walk with ALL the places, one day she will tell your children with what courage you have approached!)

In a cold environment, your sense of observation will be used even more quickly, because nothing justifies this conversation. It will be up to you quickly to take his phone number and find a quick excuse to see it again.

I invite you to reread here the entirety of the psychological techniques known as the False Time Constraint or even the Real Time Constraint, which we have developed and which works even better!

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